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Healthy Economic Action Team

The Healthy Economy Action Team (HEAT) was created as a continuance of the Emmet 20/20 program for the purpose of addressing issues in the Emmet County region that can advance our economy and assure the proper mix of business and resources in the area.

In late 2006, HEAT launched an online survey that was created by the members of the committee. The survey was distributed to the member businesses of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce. The results of the survey are located below. These results will help HEAT create plans for 2007.

Regional Economic Snapshot

Surveys have been completed to gauge the economic attitudes of business owners throughout four counties in our region. The survey was developed by the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce Healthy Economy Action Team and distributed to the Petoskey Chamber membership. The Northern Lakes Economic Alliance has since distributed it to the other three counties that they serve. Please click the links below to view either survey.

Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce HEAT Survey Results

Northern Lakes Economic Alliance Survey Results

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