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Knee High Programs
July 31st, 2012
Office: Family Fun
Location: Spring Lake Park

Programs on Tuesdays: 9:30am-10:30am, 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm

All programs held at the Springs Lake Park on M-119. Pre-registration is required by calling 231.344.1010

Tuesday, June 26th

Secret Spaces & Tiny Spaces - There's something mysterious to young children about the small things in life, enticing them to look more closely and wonder what life would be like if they were small. Young children are curious by nature and a little closer to the ground where the world of little things is waiting to be discovered. After reading the inspiring “Children of the Forest”, we will go for a walk in the woods on our own quest for secret spaces and tiny places in nature. Be it beetle bugs, birds or the elusive trolls and fairies, we will investigate, discover and explore the forest floor. Upon our return we will have our won attempt at creating mini shelters for fairies, bugs and any other tiny critters. Bring your favorite mini friend to share in building your secret space.

Tuesday, July 10th

Stone Soup, Nature & Goop – The classic folktale Stone Soup will begin this fun nature adventure. During the story we will work together to make one big crock of stone soup. After reading, we will briefly discuss the topic of sharing and how nature shares with us. On our walk we will be travelers in search of non-living nature ingredients to borrow for our own tasty stone soup. Children will be free to continue testing their culinary skills using natural materials. A mini mud kitchen and nature potion station will be available for unlimited sensory exploration and free play.

Tuesday, July 17th

Hangin’ Loose with Nature – Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put back together with no specific set of directions. Join us as we explore this fun concept through natural materials such as sticks, mud, water, and more. The children’s book Land Art for Kids will inspire us in trying out our won creations like mini structures, making designs or our favorite, making it up as we go! Dress for the messiness!

Tuesday, July 24th

Artsy by Nature – Nature is full of all kinds of magical designs, patterns, creations and inspiring things to discover. Meet us under the imagination tree as we explore the different ways art can be found in nature; the colorful flowers and birds, patterns on insects and leaves, and other shapes and designs that occur naturally or with the help of animals. After a hike will we make some nature inspired art of our own. Art activities include making magical nature wants (wizard wands), painting WITH nature and painting ON nature! We are looking for creative kids – dress as artsy and fun as you please for this occasion!

Wednesday, June 25th

Summer Celebration w/ Ron Fowler (10am – 12:30pm) – Join us at Spring Lake Park as we celebrate the summer fun we’ve had at Spring Lake before our last nature session. Ron Fowler of Blissfest Music Organization and Petoskey Public Library will lead the way through story, music and song. Sing, dance and grove to the tunes and fun instruments as Ron takes us on a silly adventure that’s sure to make you giggle! Stick around for more fun after music with Ron. Bring a lunch, drinks will be provided if you please.

Tuesday, July 31st

Jive to Nature Vibe - After the fun we had at the Summer Celebration with Mr. Ron, we will surly be inspired by the music! A lot of music is inspired by nature, just listen to the birds, the wind, the insects, the water…we could go on forever! Join us under the imagination tree as we talk about different sounds in nature and look at different types of fun instruments, even home-made one. Then we will head into the woods, near the pond and around the park in search of music in nature. After a hike we will head back to create a nature wind chime to take home.


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