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LLT Testimonials

Patrick Schaller, Class of 2004

“LLT introduced me to community events, people, and programs. Our meetings were inspirational and a whole lot of fun!”

Deter Racine, Class of 2002

“When I was first selected to join Leadership Little Traverse, I was so concerned with my busy schedule and how I would manage the time commitment. During the course and at the end, I never thought about it at all. The information I garnered from my involvement and the people I met through the program has been so valuable in my contact with the business community. I continue to encourage others to participate in this program and reap the rewards.”

Alan Hegedus, Class of 2002

“Attending LLT broadened my understanding of our community, developed new friendships, and allowed me to learn and practice leadership skills helpful to contributing. I’m more effective at and more comfortable with participating after becoming better acquainted with the leaders of today and tomorrow.  Thanks to the participants, the mentors, the session leaders, the Petoskey and Harbor Springs chambers and all the other volunteers that bring LLT to our towns.”

LLT Class of 2009

“I entered Leadership Little Traverse with the highest of expectations based on its reputation.  Going through this program first hand, I have been blown away.  Through this invaluable experience, I have learned a great deal about myself, my community, and my peers.  This has been an amazing opportunity that I would repeat in an instant.” --Betsy Britton, Class of ‘09
My experiences with LLT have been no less than life changing.  Class sessions offered a closer look, at myself, at my community.  It has made a profound impact on my life. –Scott Schornak, Class of ‘09
A leader's potential can't truly be realized until they understand who they are and the opportunities that surround them. Leadership Little Traverse gives class members the opportunity for self-reflection while taking an in-depth look at the community we live in.
--Julie Witthoeft, Class of ‘09
LLT has provided me insight into our community, but more importantly, insight into myself.  Because of this insight, I m now able to work on my weaknesses and utilize my strengths to be a better leader and give back to the community at a higher level. –Christopher Dundon, Class of ‘09
"It's hard to put into words what LLT has meant to me.  LLT has been a journey of personal and professional discovery that I would not have gone through otherwise.  After my experience in LLT, I feel confident moving forward in my career and being an active member of our community - along with my classmates, who I know I will be able to turn towards for support, guidance and encouragement."   --Bess Bleyaert, Class of ‘09
If you desire to become plugged into the community, join Leadership Little Traverse.  As you go through the program, you will gain insight into a diverse community, discover individuals who share similar passions in life, uncover new passions for service within yourself, grow as an individual, develop friendships, expand your leadership skills, and establish new connections.  The LLT program has been well worth the investment. –Paul Schemanski, Class of ‘09
The LLT experience was a rare opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, in which I was motivated to become a better person both at home and in my career. What I learned was that the larger community is easily accessible, and that I could utilize my skills and interests in a way that would allow me to participate and give back. –Nicole Lindwall, Class of ‘09
Leadership Little Traverse inspired me to become a better individual, both personally and professionally. Being pushed out of my comfort zone several times throughout the year, allowed many of my personal walls to finally break down. I now have a strong connection with my community… and it only grows from here!   --Becky Babcock, Class of ‘09
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