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Mission Statement

The Chamber’s mission is to help businesses in the Petoskey region succeed while protecting our community’s quality of life and fostering responsible growth.


In fulfilling our mission, we will maintain the following core values:

  • Quality:  We will strive for excellence in the presentation of our events, programs, and services
  • Integrity:  We will be honest and forthright in our dealings with members, the media, our volunteers, our staff, and the community as a whole
  • Excellence in customer service:  We will offer exemplary service for our members and guests
  • Teamwork:  We will engage the talents and skills of our staff and volunteers to work together toward achieving our mission
  • Fiscal Responsibility:  We will be responsible stewards of the dues and sponsorship support we receive
  • Pride:  Our work will be punctuated with a strong sense of pride in our community
  • Balance:  We will protect our environment and history while fostering responsible growth in the region


ORGANIZATION:  The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce will be an award-winning, accredited Chamber of Commerce that has experienced consistent membership and revenue growth. 

PROGRAMMING:  The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce will be a recognized leader in providing and promoting effective economic development programs and relevant business advocacy throughout the region and the state. 

COMMUNITY:  The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce will be a key contributor in assuring our community is a place where businesses and its residents thrive.  


  • The chamber will be an organization where its members are fully engaged and see a high value in their membership.
  • The chamber will be an organization that facilitates business development.
  • The chamber’s brand will be enhanced and strengthened.


VISION: The chamber will be an organization where its members are fully engaged and see a high value in their membership.  To achieve this vision, the chamber will utilize its Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Ambassadors, and/or staff to explore the following possible action steps:

  • Benchmark current level of engagement with existing members. This can be done via staff assessments and/or through survey mechanisms.  
  • Explore new programs that offer direct financial savings to a business/ organization.  We will need to re-visit our policy on affinity programs and look for ways to utilize current members as a provider of discount programs to fellow members.
    • Utilizing Social Media, Web Site, E-mail products and/or advertising, develop new programs that directly promote member businesses.  Examples might include:
    • Features on Member Segments (i.e. CPAs, Landscapers, etc.)Business Spotlight Programs
    • “Field Trips” or “Open Houses” at select businesses
    • Expanding Friday Email distribution list to include the general public allowing member businesses and organizations to advertise specials, promotions, and events.  (the Tuesday email will remain an exclusive chamber product).
  • Set goals and quotas for chamber staff to increase retention visits, phone check-ins, and direct contacts including group meetings with Chamber President and/or Membership Director
  • Identify at least two initiatives that will increase involvement of CEO-level members in chamber programming. 
  • The Chamber President will establish a monthly communications piece directed to the membership discussing issues relevant to area businesses.


VISION: The chamber will be an organization that facilitates business development.  To achieve this vision the chamber will utilize its Board of Directors and Economic Development Committee, Government Relations Committee, and will collaborate with area economic development partners.

  • Enhance, promote, and advance SCORE as a highly effective business counseling service.  Explore periphery services such as mentor programs, or providing a personal board of directors
  • Advocate for a Downtown Development Project that enhances the economic vitality of the region
  • Develop and refine an “off the shelf” Business Success Kit for entrepreneur members
  • Re-invent the Business Innovation Conference so that it appeals to a broader audience and doubles participation.
  • Utilizing webinars, podcasts, and other technology, develop a system by which the chamber can share important information to its membership on timely topics such as regulatory changes and legislative issues
  • Continue to advance Hospitality the Little Traverse Way
  • Work with the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance to help advance legislation that supports businesses in the area of infrastructure development, talent development, and regulatory reforms.


VISION:  The chamber’s brand will be enhanced and strengthened.  The chamber will utilize its Board of Directors, its staff and will form a special Task Force to lead a 6 to 9 month initiative to: 

  • Develop and strengthen the organization’s identity among its membership and throughout the community.
  • Develop a consistent chamber message that can be used by staff, board, ambassadors, and key chamber volunteers.
  • Review logo, tag lines, web site, publications etc. to see if updates are needed, if there is consistency and if they represent a professional image.
  • Evaluate chamber programs, events, chamber facilities, and the overall chamber image with a critical eye to identify areas where the organization can improve quality, and enhance its professional image.
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