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Assessing My Worksite: The Designing Healthy Environments At Work Assessment Tool

The Designing Healthy Environments at Work is an online assessment to help your worksite determine ways to create a healthier worksite environment - one that supports employees in moving more, eating better and leading a tobacco-free lifestyle - www.mihealthtools.org/work/


Sample Worksite Wellness Policies

For a sample of a Worksite Wellness Employee Pledge, click here.

Components of a Successful Worksite Wellness Program

  • Health Risk Appraisal: An HRA is a tool that gives individuals an assessment of their current health and quality of life. The assessment promotes health awareness for the individual by reviewing one's personal lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that personal choices could impact. The personalized Profile report from the HRA survey recommends healthy behaviors according to age group, gender, and risk level. The Profile presents the top 3 personal risks and provides resources listed by availability. For information, visit the University of Michigan's Health Management Research Center's website.
    • Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Michigan
    • Priority Health
    • Michigan Steps Up
  • Biometric Screening: Providing screenings and education are an excellent way to promote prevention and increase access to care for your employees. Screening provides an opportunity for early identification of a health problem before symptoms occur. Education can alert individuals to a risk factor in time to seek medical attention. Most screenings include measurements for: Blood pressure, pulse, total cholesterol (including HDL and LDL), glucose, height, weight and body mass index (BMI). Many organizations offer this service, including:
    • Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
    • Health Department of Northwest Michigan
  • Opportunity to contact a Health Advisor or Health Coach
    • Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Michigan 24-hour Health Coach Hotline for members
    • Priority Health
    • Contact Primary Care Physician
  • Engagement in at least two other Healthy Living Activities throughout the year

Evaluating My Program: A Scorecard

A helpful tool in your Workplace Wellness Toolkit is the wellness scorecard. Here is an example.

Sample Programs

  • Municipal Employees
  • Large Retail
  • Office
  • Healthcare Setting
  • Healthcare Facility
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